Having difficulties assessing your JAMB portal. It has been announced that the printing of 2022/2023 JAMB Slip is out . The portal to print out JAMB was just opened for candidates to log in and print out their Slip. This article is to show you how to print out your jAMB slip just from your house.

Where can i print out my jamb slip

Wondering where to print your jamb slip from and how to print it. The JOINT ADMINISTRATION MATRICULATION BOARD print out is available . It can be printed from your phone through JAMB portal ,it could be printed out from cyber cafe even through your personal computer.

What is jamb print out

It a print out before your exam that contains the time and venue of your exam. It is advisable to print out your JAMB slip early in order to get familiar with your center before the exam date and time. In order to avoided lateness and not being punctual.

How can i print my jamb slip 2022/2023

1. Get either your registration number, email address or phone number used to register your JAMB.

2. Click on this link to direct you to the official JAMB portal.

3. Fill in the details asked of correctly which will direct you to your full details

4.Click on print to print out your JAMB slip.


Most Importantly, Ensure you print out your jamb slip in hardware(copy) because it would be asked for at your venue.

Also note, For those using iPhone and having issues accessing their jamb slip, Kindly go to SETTINGS then click SAFARI after you click on ALLOW POP UPS.
In conclusion we are wishing you success in your exams and don’t forget to ask questions and come back for more updates.

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