Is WAEC time table out |2022/2023

Are you a WAEC candidate? You are in search of the 2022 WAEC time table? Are you curious about WAEC runs? Do you want to get straight A’s in your waec?. Well then , this page consists of every information you need.

Is Waec 2022 time table out

Yes, it is out. Students  have been asking for the WAEC time table so as it know the date of their paper. It has been released by the WEST AFRICAN EXAMINATION COUNCIL that the time table for WAEC 2022 is out .
Kindly click this link to access the time table.

Is there waec runs

Whenever an examination comes, many students are first inquisitive about runs which should be wrong . Firstly, West African Examination Council frowns at examination malpractice. Anyone found guilty will be penalized according to the law.
Many people will claim to have the questions before the examination kindly beware of fraud . Most times this people lie and send fake questions or even past questions claiming to be the examination question.


I wrote my WAEC when I was 15 years old ,very tender and scared concerning my WAEC. Also the pressure from home made me read continuously. Dear reader,I was once just as you are and likewise they came up with WAEC runs, lots of people were duped of their money while some got a good source.

It is very important that you read before going for your paper because anything can happen like

  • Changing WAEC questions
  • Catching you with examination malpractice which you will be penalized for
  • Reshuffling your seats

Note: If you are lucky enough you might find but do not rely on anyone, ensure you read and put your trust in God.

How to get stRaight a’s in waec

WAEC is a very important exam that candidate should endeavor to pass them as it is a major criteria to gain admission into the university  or for any application. See the do’s and don’t  of WAEC

To pass your WAEC successfully you should 

  • Attending classes regularly would be the first but it’s over underrated by students .
  • Paying maximum attention in classes to every details the teacher says .
  • Group discussion with friends especially with those doing extra lessons. Most times the teacher won’t say all but say some in Extra lessons and it also help you cover or learn the parts you haven’t .
  • Active participation in school activities like practicals, debates . This is because it makes you engaged and often hard to forget .
  • What is an examination with prayers? Learn to put your trust in God and pray for wisdom ,knowledge, understanding and most importantly retentive memory.
  • Avoid Malpractice as much as you can to avoid implicating yourselves. If you must, you have to be smart.
  • Believe in yourself that you can do it .

In addition take your practical exams seriously as it is a score booster especially science students. Wishing you success in your examination and please share this time table and article to your friends to help them start planning . Hoping you see you again for more updates, you can check out this post on how to gain admission with using jamb.

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