Do’s and Don.t items allowed in JAMB EXAM 2022

What should i bring along to my JAMB CENTER, What are the examination rules, What shouldn’t i bring alone? First time writing jamb. Any of this part of your questions, well this page contains answers to your curiosity and more.

THE JOINT ADMINISTRATION MATRICULATION BOARD has listed the things candidates should bring along while coming for their examination.

items not allowed in jamb center

  1. Pen/Biro
  2. Mobile phone or electronic devices
  3. Paper
  4. Books or any reading material
  5. Wristwatch
  6. Camera
  7. USB
  8. Jewelries likewise rings
  9. Recorder
  10. Spy Lenses
  11. Smart reading glasses
  12. Earpiece
  13. CD
  14. Smart blue tooth
  15. Contact lens or smart lenses
  16. Calculator or similar devices
  17. Pencil
  18. Make up

For the glasses only recommended (people with sight defect) will be allowed in with their glasses. As a matter of fact the examination official will scrutinize it and if found not medicated will be confiscated after. Likewise it applies to those using medicated lenses.

Not to mention note that JAMB shuns against indecent dressing therefore all candidates should dress decently before coming to their center .

items allowed in jamb center

Candidates are only allowed to come to the exam center with just their JAMB print out(check this to know more about jamb print out ). Any other thing aside that will not be allowed. However, all participating candidates in the upcoming exam on May 6th-May 16th should adhere strictly and avoid bringing banned items to their exam centers.

Also note; Parents / guardians should wait for their wards outside to promote order.

In addition, for the upcoming examination between May 6th – May 16th all candidates should adhere strictly to the rules and avoid bringing any of the banned items or indulging in examination malpractice.


My first time writing JAMB I was confused and curious about the exam not knowing how to go about it coupled with me not having access to the internet to answer my curiosity i went with a free mind hoping to expect the best.

On getting to my center we lined up for inspection, against contrabands(listed above) not only but  harmful objects as well. Then we proceeded for biometrics to check for impersonation, Then marched to our assigned sit number while we waited for the exam to proceed which lasted for about one hour. It is most likely the same procedures so expect it.

In addition, examination malpractice is NOT allowed, anyone found guilty will seriously penalized.

LASTLY, I wish you success in your exam, if you found this article useful kindly come for more updates and share to your friends.

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