How to Easily Gain Admission into Any University in Nigeria

Tried JAMB multiply times, searching for admission, tied of staying at home, want your dream course, want your dream school . It feels like no more understands you and you feel like a failure or there isn’t hope.

How to Easily Gain Admission into Any University in Nigeria: Getting pressure from parents, pastors, siblings or seeing your friends get admission while some are almost graduating and you are not where you want to be yet?. Know today that you are not alone in this journey and you share similar experience and not exactly the same feeling but we are here to help you through this phase. This article consists steps and others means possible to get admission.

admission depression

Most blogs talk about steps, criteria, competitions about admission but we beg to differ. we want to fix in the shoes of our users and give them best experience. I would like to share my story on how it was difficult to get admission and right steps i took which will definitely help you.

Before my WAEC examination I didn’t write JAMB with my set cause my dad said he wanted me to focus on my WAEC first but I got to figure out that my dad didn’t have money to enroll me for JAMB. I felt depressed at first but it didn’t stop me from focusing on aceing my WAEC.

steps to overcome admision depression

Have seen my friends gain admission while some were almost graduating and without me writing jamb it was certain I was to wait for another year.

FIRSTLY, I never stopped reading my books while waiting for the next years academic session.

SECONDLY, I always wished my friends well regardless of how I felt.

THIRDLY, Most importantly I prayed fervently and never lost hope.

As GOD would have it, I got introduced into a program called JUPEB. This programs is an 8-9 months programs. After passing its final exam you gain admission into two hundred level.

See this articles and more on what JUPEB is, list of universities under JUPEB, its fee, requirements and examination information.

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